Nixie and Bear

Whether fetching a ball or chasing a stick into the water, Nixie lives to play with her people.

No amount of pain will keep her from playing beyond her limits, even though her bum shoulder and bad hips don’t always cooperate. Without her CBD treats, she can hardly navigate after playtime in the water, which is her favorite. She gets 20 mg twice a day to keep her just right. On occasional tough days, she gets extra!

Bear, also 11 y.o., has had mild hip pain for several years, but nowhere as debilitating as Nixie’s. He also enjoys the Sweet Potato CBD treats and bounds around like a pup!


Buttercup is a 4 year old rescue pup with the sweetest temperament. She LOVES her new people now, but life has not always been so comfortable. When she arrived at her now-forever home, she was very anxious. The normal things like loud noises, thunder and fireworks triggered her. But more than anything, she was just fearful of being hurt or left alone again. Snuggles from her new family, lots of love and attention, and 2BD Sweet Potato Puffs helped calm her anxiety. She’s a very happy girl now and loves her family and her treats!

Tom Howell, Bark Brains™

Duchess is a 6 year old yellow lab that has been referred to as one of the “most excitable dogs.” Her energy is usually channeled doing what she loves best, dog sport competitions.Duchess loves 2BD CBD chews! She takes ‘em daily during training or after competitions whether it’s dock diving, agility, barn hunt, or fast cat to help reduce inflammation before it sets in.

2BD CBD chews are made with healthy ingredients for your pups like sweet potatoes, but smell as enjoyable as a snickerdoodle.

Not only does 2BD CBD help with inflammation it also helps Duchess with her nerves and anxious temperament. 2BD CBD helps channel that nervous, anxious energy into a more relaxed, calm state for your pup.