Dosing – How to Know When Your Pet Can’t Be Your Guide

February 12th, 2022 2BD Farm
cbd pet dosing

As humans, we can take medicine and increase or lower it according to the effects that we feel. But when it comes to pets, they can’t tell you how medicine is affecting them – or if it is even affecting them at all. Of course, we would love to see an immediate change in their symptoms that would indicate that what we gave them works, but that is not always the case with CBD. It isn’t a cure with immediate symptom relief for humans or pets. So when it comes to dosing, as a pet owner, it can be very tricky.

The Many Factors to Consider

Every pet has different needs and reasons to take CBD, and how much they need is based on many factors including their weight, metabolism, and sensitivity. The only way to really know how much to give them comes from trial and error. The best idea is to give the lowest amount possible and wait for a reaction. If you notice subtle changes, increase incrementally; when you notice some significant reactions, wait to see how much the condition ameliorates before you increase it more.

How Much CBD Should I Give my Pet to Start?

It is always a good idea to start with the lowest dose of 1-2 mg/10 lb. of body weight and increase as needed. The key is patience. It’s imperative to wait a couple of days to see what type of reaction your pet has. We recommend giving it several days before you increase the dosage. Generally, pets who are experiencing severe symptoms of pain, anxiety, or muscle soreness from strenuous activity will probably require a higher dosage. But it is important to start low so that you can really determine at what point you sense a change. If you see improvement, but not to the point where their symptoms are significantly better, continue to increase the dosage, waiting several days in between adjustments, until you feel confident that they are gaining the full benefit.

How Often Do I Give My Pet CBD?

Again, experimentation is going to be your guide because every pet is different, and so are their symptoms. A lot of their dosing needs will come from their metabolism, which is not something that you can quantitatively measure or see. Your observations and intuition are often enough to get a sense of the effect it is having. We recommend that you give your pet CBD in the morning and in the evening, but there are some pets that benefit from receiving smaller doses frequently throughout the day.

Very active dogs tend to have a faster metabolism, so they might require higher doses more frequently since they will “burn” through it rapidly. Be mindful that it will take about 30 minutes for CBD to absorb after ingestion. Also, if your dog is currently taking any other medications, it is imperative that you discuss the administration and dosing of CBD with your veterinarian before you give it to them.

When it comes to dosing CBD, the parameters may not be clear for humans or pets just yet. But, according to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) in November, 2017, CBD “does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm”. Still, as with any supplement, more is not always best. And since your pet can’t give you a verbal guide to tell you when they are feeling the effects you will have to rely on your own observations. The good news is that 2BD Sweet Potato Puffs will be a pleasure for your dogs to use. If Bear and Nixie could talk, they would tell you; they love it!!

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