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2BD - About Us

2BD is a new way to provide the highest-quality pet CBD in the industry. This is where it all began.

We are firm believers in the healing nature of hemp and with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Scott applied for and received his Hemp Farmers Permit from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture in early 2020. With that and Carmen's lifetime of experience on the farm, they decided to start a small micro-grow of hemp.

But often, even the best-laid plans take a turn. Between the onset of a pandemic and a house fire that displaced them for six months, their journey took a different direction. They purchased a piece of land in McClellanville, SC, for their micro-grow and began making CBD treats for themselves and their pets, Bear and Nixie. And that’s where the real story began…

  • 100% Organically-Grown
  • highest-quality pet CBD
Bear and Nixie, 2BD

The Inspiration Behind the Name

Bear and Nixie, constant companions for each other and their people, were the inspiration for the name 2BD (2 Black Dogs). In the beginning, it was just a private joke, a play on the abbreviation for Cannabidiol (CBD). And then, a turn of events made it apparent that their 2BD would have a much greater impact on the business than just a namesake.

A house fire in November 2020 caused the family to move to 6 different homes in six months while re-building. Some of the homes were elevated, and climbing a flight of stairs was extremely difficult and painful for Nixie, who suffers from hip dysplasia. One day, after an hour of playing fetch in the surf - one of her favorite things to do in the whole world - she couldn’t climb the steps. She fell and had to be carried because of her inability to climb and her fear of being hurt.

Both dogs were then put on a 2x daily regimen of CBD tincture. Within a few days of treatment, Nixie was climbing the stairs after her daily exercises without any assistance at all! But getting the dogs to take tincture was not always successful. After months of recipe trials back at home in their own kitchen, trying to come up with a palatable but effective dose for Nixie and Bear, 2BD CBD Sweet Potato Puffs were born!