We Flavor For Furry Friends, Not Human Marketing

January 12th, 2022 2BD Farm

If there is one thing that any dog owner knows, it is that you can lead a dog to medicine, but you can’t make them take it! CBD holds a wealth of benefits for your best friend, from calming anxiety to chronic pain relief, but only if you dose it appropriately. That’s why it is so important to flavor CBD to be enticing for your pet, not for human marketing purposes. At 2BD, we want to make sure your pet gets exactly the right amount and save you the heartache of wrestling with them to get it down! These are just some of the advantages of using 2BD over other CBD pet products.

Dosing Is Simple

Often, people are very confused about what the proper dosage for CBD is – not only for their consumption, but also for their animal’s. Since your dog can’t give you feedback about how effective a supplement is, it is even more critical for you to know exactly how much to give them. It is always best to start with the lowest amount and build as you see positive effects, but you want to make sure that you can properly measure the amount so you don’t over- or underdose. 2BD treats were designed to provide the exact amount to take the guesswork out of your hands. It is as easy as giving them a treat!

Don’t Worry If They Got Enough

If your animal does not like the flavor of something, it can feel like wrestling an octopus. When it comes to CBD, you want to make sure they take it all – but if they don’t like it, they will spit it out, and then you can’t be sure how much they ingested. Our treats will disappear in an instant, so you never have to search through regurgitated yuckiness to try to figure out how much didn’t make it.

They Taste Like Treats

Have you ever wondered why juice makers dye drinks? It is all about perception and marketability. Most animal products are marketed to be attractive to animal owners, but that doesn’t always translate to “attractive to animals.” Sure, we know they love it when we give them bacon, but how do we know what other flavors they enjoy? At 2BD, we didn’t create our products in the boardroom; we went through rigorous trials with real pets: ours! We can assure you that animals love our CBD as much as – if not more than – the treats they go crazy over!

All-Natural Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, it isn’t just about tasting good – it should also be good for you! We pride ourselves on our all-natural ingredient list. Your animal will get all the CBD they need, without anything that they don’t. We don’t believe in artificial flavors and colors. They may attract a focus group, but that doesn’t mean that they are good for your furry loved one! All of our CBD treats are also full-spectrum, which means that they provide a broad spectrum of cannabinoids for the most benefit possible.

Organically Grown

Once again, ingredients are everything. You wouldn’t buy a product for a family member that had ingredients grown in heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins, and you wouldn’t wittingly buy it for your pet. Hemp is a very absorbent plant, which means that it will absorb whatever is in the soil that it grows. All of our 2BD products are made only from organically-grown hemp. When you give your dog 2BD, you can rest assured that there isn’t trace pesticide residue or things that will negatively affect their longevity or health.

As any dog owner knows, dogs have a mind of their own. They may want to please you, but when it comes to taking supplements or medicine, it is all about instinct and taste. At 2BD, we didn’t design and test our products in a boardroom or lab for taste. We tested them on our family members. We wouldn’t ever give our pets anything but the best, and neither should you! Check out all the wonderful treats at 2BD that will literally have your dog begging for more!

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